‘Continuous’ sustainability at BG

Each individual should make a contribution to conserving our environment in its current state.
However, first and foremost, the economies respectively all companies are also requested to accept responsibility – responsibility towards the present global population as well as all future generations.

BG feels obliged to accept this responsibility:

It begins as early as the product development stage. Innovative BG products save resources and are environmentally friendly for their entire lifecycle, beginning with the raw and construction materials, via the production process to recyclability.

Best quality is an essential requirement for BG products, resulting in a very long lifespan which, as a further consequence, means conservation of resources. Certainly nothing is less ecological than short product lifecycles!

FILCOTEN succeeds in optimally fulfilling these requirements:

Due to a 70% weight reduction compared to conventional concrete products of the same nominal size, the FILCOTEN innovation makes an enormous contribution to the conservation of raw material resources.

Less weight of the elements considerably reduces the proportional emission of CO2 during transportation.

Due to the weight reduction to 30 % handling in the warehouse and during on-site installation is considerably lighter and easier.

As a consequence of the fully-automated production, our employees no longer need to move heavy loads which has also considerably improved conditions in the workplace.

There is also virtually no noise pollution during production. Consequently, our employees are able to work without noise protection measures.

Finally, the fibre-reinforced composite FILCOTEN consists of purely mineral building materials. No plastics are used, FILCOTEN products are thus fully recycleable.

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