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When you visit a website the site can use the web browser to place a cookie on the computer of the website visitor. A cookie is a small text file which is used to store information. If the user visits the site again later, the website can read the data of the previously stored cookie and so determine, for example, whether the user has visited the site before, and in which areas of the website the user is particularly interested.

The legal basis for the use of cookies comes from the Trade Regulation Act 1994, the Telecommunications Act 2003, and the Data Protection Act 2000

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Changing Cookie Settings

It is possible to define how the web browser handles cookies in the web browser settings, particularly as to which cookies are allowed or denied. Where exactly these settings can be found depends on the web browser. Detailed information can be found using the help function of your web browser. If the use of cookies is limited, full functionality of our website is no longer possible under certain circumstances.

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