Development of FILCOTEN:

BG-Graspointner has been producing concrete products since it was founded in 1963, predominantly drainage channels, pre-assembled components for railway construction and traffic systems for road construction.

BG drainage channels made from earth-moist cement concrete are distinguished by their solidity, stability and the diverse fields of application. Thus, BG-Graspointner has been able to develop a leading market position in civil engineering, especially in the heavy duty sector and maintain this for years. In the sector of horticulture and landscaping and similar applications in which the high load capacity of the channel elements is not the decision criterion, these concrete channels have a competitive disadvantage which has been impossible to rectify until now: the heavy weight which could not be reduced due to the properties of normal concrete. Other channel construction materials such as polymer concrete or plastics have been the dominant systems in these market segments until now.

In 2000, Friedrich Graspointner had the vision of producing drainage channels which combine the advantages of classic concrete, e.g. stability and solidity with that of polymer concrete channels,
e.g. thin-walled and light.

In 2002, Mr. Graspointner read about a production process in a professional journal which made this dream come true.

Through close cooperation and intensive developmental work with specialists, a new, lightweight range of channels made from fibre-reinforced concrete came into being which are manufactured on a fully-automated production plant.

Corporate history of BG

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